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We clean interior and exterior of all types of windows: Bay Windows, Double-Hung Windows, Storm Windows, Pictures Windows, Skylights--you name them, we clean them. We remove adhesive from windows. We clean screens and much more. We service residential locations as well as commercial. Northeast Window Cleaning also services high risers and works with management companies on by-yearly scheduling at a great price. We also power wash concrete, siding, decks, porches, and much more.

We Care About the Details

When our team is at your location, whether there's one of us, two of us or the whole crew, we are always sure to wipe corners, wipe sills, clean fingerprints Completely and look for any drip down when it comes to window cleaning. We are always professional and courteous.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee that we get the job done right the first time. It will always be the same two people who show up at your location, not a variety of different people who just want to get the job "done" and move on to the next. There is no gimmicks, no games, no upsell. Just square business. We care, and it shows through our effort and work ethic. (Northeast Window Cleaning is fully insured.)

Servicing Residential Locations

Additional information

We here at Northeast Window Cleaning understand that someone's home is a sacred oasis to which only the closest friends and family are welcomed. For that reason, and for many others, we keep our circle small as to the amount of people that work for us. Our success is contingent upon the trust we build with all of our potential customers. 

When we arrive at your residence, we are there to only do one thing, and that is to provide you with Grade A service. Many times two individuals will show up at your location to perform services you requested. Satisfied customer equals success. That's our aim.


  This business is managed by few employees, however, when it comes to window cleaning and pressure washing, we are extremely good at it, and there is no job too big or too small.  We price jobs fairly and  at a lower cost than other companies while still providing Grade A work. We guarantee it. So why pay more. Call us and save. 

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All cleaning supplies used by Northeast Window Cleaning are Earth Friendly; everything from window cleaning supplies to supplies we use to power wash concrete and siding. 


Cleaning front walkway. Has it been awhile since you had yours done? Call us and we will make it like new again.


Mold, mildew and moss tend to grow on vinyl, wood, brick and other outside surfaces. How to get rid of it: Power Wash 

All crew members have had the highest level of training 

Whether it's power washing or cleaning  windows on a high rise, Northeast Window Cleaning is always sure to put safety first.

An example of the huge difference a bit of pressure washing does

An example of the huge difference you can see after having your concrete pressure washed by us.


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